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Basic Eco
Fine sandblasting unit

The Basic eco microblaster with up to two tanks offers high precision in a minimum space thanks to its compact dimensions. Top blasting technology and an attractive price-performance ratio combine to provide an ideal product for first-time users and laboratories where space is at a premium.


  • Maximum field of vision thanks to a large viewing panel with innovative LED lighting.
  • Process reliability based on many years of experience in dental sandblasting technology.
  • Savings in abrasives by using optimal air-abrasive mixture.


  • Uniform flow of abrasive guarantees homogeneous surface conditioning.
  • Reduction in operating costs thanks to very low abrasive consumption.
  • Efficient operation due to placement of the tank selection switch on the inside of the blasting chamber.
  • Tank extension and connection of pressure hoses can be performed using the color-coded system in-house by any personnel.
  • Longer service life of the IT nozzles made from special tungsten carbide.
  • Blasting chamber volume: 10 l
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