Office Design & Concept

Remodeling or building your new dental clinic, updating your operatories with new equipment or introducing state-of the art dental technologies, we will be able to help you with the entire process. Benefiting from the personalized dental equipment and technology selection assistance.

Creating a dental office that you, your staff and your patients will appreciate. Enjoy a more productive and satisfying work environment. Fondaco will provide a full service and support from the project conception to completion and after sales services.

With consideration of taking the first step toward a new office or even purchasing a new piece of equipment, we will help you ask and answer the critical questions that will lead to your project success.

Please contact our friendly staff to assist you further with your inquiry at +6221.2903.4388 or for more information

We Are Here to Assist You

We stands behind your technology & equipment purchase long after the installation with repair and support services

With just a phone call away, whether you need repair, support, training or preventive maintenance, our trained managers and engineers will be there for you. We also take care of your handpiece, autoclave and table top equipment repairs as well.

To schedule technical service with our team, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff at +6221.2903.4396 or for more information.